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These horny little vipers can show you how to use a spanking paddle ... Now its time for the exciting part - choosing the perfect London escort for the best spanking services London has to offer!


What is Spanking ?

What are we to do with the mischievous brats listed below? It seems like whatever we do, they just don’t want to behave! At this point, we’re pretty much sure that they're gluttons for a bit of corporal punishment. If you're after the perfect spanking services in London, then look no further... We’ve handpicked some of the most voluptuous assess in the industry for your spanking pleasure. So if this is something you enjoy, you better whip out your spanking paddle and choose an ass worship subject from our list to show her how a proper lady is supposed to behave. And if you’ve never taken part in the education of a little devil before, don’t fret! These horny little vipers can show you how to use a spanking paddle, so from initial contact until the time the bell tolls, you'll be in good hands. We even bet you’re going to have a new hobby before long. Spanking escorts that is. We promise it’s a lot more fun than it sounds. Why not try some role play and pretend she's your naughty London mistress, in need of some spanking therapy?

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Now its time for the exciting part - choosing the perfect London escort!

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Why hire a spanking escort?

A little bit of light spanking, when introduced in the bedroom, can be incredibly arousing. For those who are interested in BDSM, spanking is a good way to test the waters of domination without investing in any specialist equipment. All it takes is a hand and a willing bottom. There are a myriad of proposed theories about why people enjoy spanking. Whatever the reasons are, it's important that this act is practiced in a safe and consensual way. The best way to ensure this is the case is to hire a spanking escort. These ladies are experts in the art of giving and/or receiving some spanking. If you're interested in delving into the world of light domination, booking an evening with one of the ladies in the above gallery is a great option.