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What Should You Do During A Lapdance

What Should You Do During A Lap Dance

Getting a lap dance from a dreamy woman is probably one of the few moments when a man feels truly blessed. You get to sit down, relax, and be visually delighted by a performance specifically crafted to appeal to your innermost desires.

The voluptuous details, marshmallow skin and glistening borders of a sensational woman are put on sensuous, lazy display with mesmerising, ample moves. There is no other circumstance in which a man will experience the devilish thrills of human craving along with serene, sacred, almost meditative relaxation. 

Up until you realise you don’t quite know what to do with your hands. You don’t want to seem a creep, but is she going to be disappointed in your reaction? Can you touch strippers? Should you cheer her on? I get it. A little bit of anxiety can get the best of us sometimes, especially in such delicate moments.

Luckily for you, I’ve compiled a list with the golden rules of receiving a lap dance. Our beautiful escort girls were kind enough to chip in their preferences, so you’re on your merry way to becoming an expert lap dance audience. Let’s dive right in.

Can I Touch Strippers During A Lap Dance?

No. Don’t do that. Depending on where you will get your lapdance, you will be subject to a set of rules set by the club or escorting agency. These rules are most times pretty strict, as the main objective of each establishment is the safety of the girls.

However, since the last word is that of the girls, they’re the ones who will ultimately decide if they allow you to touch them. This will depend on a number of factors, including how friendly you are to them, how well-groomed you are, and, you know. How smooth you are.

But you should definitely lean on the premise that you’re not allowed to touch her unless she explicitly grants you permission. This brings us to our second issue.

Should I Ask For Permission To Touch Her?

If you don’t have the patience for her to let you know whether it’s OK to touch her, asking for permission is the next best thing. She will probably appreciate you asking her and open up to you. Another thing you can do is ask before she starts dancing, but you will have better chances doing that if you’ve already exchanged a few words.

If you’re not much of a talker, you could also ask for silent permission. This would presume you moving slowly towards her and asking for permission to touch her with your eyes, holding her gaze. If she does not move your hand or tell you she would prefer you not to do that, it’s probably OK.

Don’t forget to move slowly and make sure you understand her physical cues before going all in, and try touching her gently on her arms or back instead of going directly for the goods.

How Should I Talk To Her?

There are generally two ways men go about talking to strippers. And while I recognize they are extremes, try not to be too much of any of those guys. The first guy is the one with limited experience, that’s maybe trying to up his game or enjoy a bit of hedonism on a night out. He is generally pretty shy, which makes him endearing to the girls.

That lack of experience is what will have him act clingy to downright creepy. While forging some sort of connection to the dancer is desirable, she probably does not want to hear your life’s story. She does not really care about your crazy ex. She wants to perform. 

On the other hand, if testosterone is raging inside you or if you’ve had too much to drink, it’s probably time to go home. It’s not uncommon for men to get angry when they’re not permitted to touch a dancer, and you don’t want to be that guy. Don’t harras her, don’t plead.

What About Cash?

You should know what you want and what it’s going to cost before receiving a lapdance. If you paid for your session in advance, try checking with the escort if the lapdance is going to cost extra. Alternatively, if you’re at a strip club, make sure you have enough cash for the price of the dance and tips.

The withdrawal fee at ATMs near strip clubs is generally pretty high, as many customers will go for multiple withdrawals a night. Get enough money with you before going in to ensure you’re not getting legally scammed. But don’t flash it. That’s just poor taste. Dancers will be able to tell the difference between a rich guy and someone who’s just flashing the cash to boast. And it’s not a good look. 

You're All Set

Go try your new lap dance etiquette with one of our professional dancers. Maybe ask if she wants to exchange tips. For more advice, tips and tricks, check out the Gentleman's Guide section of our blog.

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