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What Happens When Brandon Finally Goes to See His Boss

'' You know, ass always finds a way to embarrass you at the wrong time, but if you wait long enough, you might get a chance to face it," said Claire as she smiled and glanced at Brandon, who had finally come to visit her. He closed the door behind him and stood with her looking around the room. The place seemed informal, simple, and with cheap furniture, but she made the room look homey and cosy.

Brandon smiled and thought, "She is a really down-to-earth lady; maybe that's why I am here today."

After about two minutes, he had a beautiful yearning to hug and kiss her nice lips, but that would remain an incredible fantasy. Claire was his cute and sexy boss who also played the role of an assistant manager at work.

'' I really like this room, but it could use a personal touch. Do you know what I mean? Like a couple of your personal touches," said Brandon as he turned back to look at her.

Claire smiled and said, "I am sure you can offer me a few." Brandon looked at her and smiled back. She could see that he was starting to sweat now. She thought, "He really likes me and wants to kiss and hug me. I think it'll be a great turn-on to see him sweat because of me.''

Claire stared at his big chest and giggled. At that moment, there was no denying the sexual tension between them. Claire then asked Brandon why he liked staring at her at work. He looked down at the floor with embarrassment and said that it was because he couldn't resist her sexy, thick, and curvaceous body.

She smiled as she said, "It's a good thing then you are here with me right now, right?" Brandon smiled at her as she pulled him towards her. Even though he was still shy and nervous, he played along. He put his arms around her and held her waist.

She looked at him from a very close distance and said, "I want you inside me so bad!" Her breasts begged him to pleasure them, and he gave in.

On the other hand, Claire wanted that cock so bad, she wanted to blow it, and involuntarily, she began to show that too as she took heavy breaths and, without wasting much time, started kissing passionately and grabbed his cock, which was already hard.

They quickly moved upstairs to her bed, where the kissing and undressing took place aggressively.

What surprised Claire was that Brandon, a reasonably short guy, packed such a stunning big cock. She could see veins bulging on it. This made her extra wet. Her hot pussy asked to be pleasured like a nasty London whore, and her hands began to move without hesitation.

"Put that THING in deep," demanded Claire with the confidence of a naughty London call girl.

Brandon was dying to please her, so he did exactly as she asked. The sex was so good that she had to ask him if he had a serious girlfriend because she really wanted some of that again. Even if it meant paying for it, she wanted Brandon cumming profusely in her over and over again.

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