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What exactly is a PSE escort?

PSE stands for ‘pornstar experience'. The pornstar experience is a service offered by escorts that aims to simulate a scenario typical in a porn film. Sex workers who offer this service engage in pornographic acts such as load moaning, dirty talk, anal sex, deep throating, and adventurous sex positions. This appeals to clients, as it allows them to indulge their sexual fantasies in a way they might not be able to in their normal life. 

It’s a common misconception that sex workers provide this service “bareback”, which means without a condom. While there are, of course, exceptions, it’s unlikely that an escort would be willing to engage in unprotected sex, as it could jeopardise both their health and their livelihood. Another misconception is that the PSE means a client is hiring an actual pornstar. This is not the case. The client is hiring an escort, who provides a pornstar service.

Due to the more extreme nature of this service, sex workers will often only provide the PSE to regular clients. This is because there is an element of trust required, that can only be built up through regular arrangements. 

What’s the difference between GFE and PSE?

A GFE escort provides a girlfriend experience. This service became popular in the early 2000s, and sex workers who provide a GFE aim to replicate the intimacy and closeness of a loving relationship for their client. In essence, this service means the sex worker acts like your girlfriend. A pornstar experience is the opposite of this. The sex is hard, fast, high energy, and often focused on kinks or sexual fantasises.

How do I know if an escort offers PSE?

The best way to find out if an escort offers this service is by asking. Additionally, escort agencies will list the services that their escorts offer on their site. To explore our range of pornstar escorts in London, head over to our PSE gallery

Can I film our time together?

Some escorts will allow clients to film their encounters, so that they have a memento to take away to remember their time by. Not every sex worker is happy to provide this service, and it is a service that often comes at an additional cost. Furthermore, the escort will often wear a mask, to protect her identity. This will usually be a masquerade mask, or something similar, which adds a sexy element of mystery. 

Pornstar escorts in London

Our pornstar escort gallery boasts a variety of gorgeous, intelligent, and charismatic ladies, who are willing to provide a PSE service to trusted clients. From busty brunettes, to bombshell blondes, there’s a girl to suit any man’s taste. Escorts London has you covered whether you’re in Central London, North London, or West London. Take a look at our selection, we’re sure you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice. 

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