Gentleman's guide

Turnoff for women during sex

Rushing foreplay

The foreplay is a crucial stage for setting the mood and making the lady mentally ready for sex. If you do it well, sex would be more satisfying to both your partner and you. Most ladies complain about short foreplay but not many complain about long foreplay. Skipping foreplay entirely is also a horrible decision that you must avoid. There are many foreplay ideas to make your sexual encounter better. Explore them all.

Poor hygiene

Ladies don’t want to see your dirty fingers or sweat all over your body. If you can’t look tidy and smell nice, you make them think you want to shove one of the dirtiest things on earth into them. Appear neat to make your partner comfortable in bed.

Bad breath

Ever wondered why mints and gums were made? They were made for you to put in your mouth before kisses to avoid embarrassment. So, go ahead, get one immediately. Even if you don’t have bad breath, you want to make sure your breath is sweet. Most ladies have gum in their mouths but that’s usually not enough for both mouths.


There is a thin line between wild sex and being too aggressive in bed. Discuss with your partner beforehand to set limits if you have the plan to go more aggressive on them. Make sure you do not go past your limit because that would make your partner uncomfortable.

Pubic hair

Now, this is a common one. Shave! Trim the hair down there. While there are a few people who don’t mind seeing a full pubic hair down there, it turns most ladies off and makes you look unkempt. No matter how good your foreplay is, untrimmed pubic hair is enough to turn off some ladies. 

There are other turnoffs during sex like talking about your ex, paying too much attention to your phone, talking too much or staying silent, etc. But they are not general and they change from person to person. Make sure you avoid the general ones we have mentioned above and discuss the rest with your partner.

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