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Top 5 female sexual fantasies

From the vanilla to the more adventurous, everyone has their own fantasies locked away in the safety of their minds. Read on to learn more about the top 5 female sexual fantasies.

  1. One-night stand

Almost every lady wants to meet a stranger, have hot sex, and never meet them again. Sex is interesting when there is a romantic connection but it is different when strangers meet and they are desperate to make the most of the moment because it only lasts for a night and there is no certainty of meeting again.

2.    Taking charge

This is quite ironic because most women want to be desired and cherished, however, there are times they want to take full control of what happens on the bed. One of the sex positions they want at such a moment is the Cowgirl position. Ladies can run the show just as good as men. Sometimes, better.

3.     Having someone join in

Not only men want to try a threesome, but most ladies would love to have two men at a time cherishing their body and making them hot. Some ladies prefer having two ladies and a man. It brings a different feeling and situation to the room. 

4.     Ravishment

Being ravished, also called rape fantasy, can be very interesting. It is not necessarily as offensive as you think. You have probably seen a movie scene where a man pinned a woman to the wall and forced a kiss on her. It could lead to violent smooching and more. All ladies want to see a man burst with such desire for them. 

5.     Exhibitionism

Most ladies want to have sex with their partner while someone else (or a few persons) watches. The feeling that someone else is aroused by watching them makes some ladies happy.


There are hundreds of sexual fantasies and they mostly differ from person to person. For more ideas on how to spice up your sex life, check out our post on 5 ideas for your sex bucket list. What could be more interesting than having two partners try each other’s sexual fantasies on the same night? That and more could happen if you meet an escort. Meet one right away

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