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Top 5 Bonding Tips That Work With a GFE Escort

Top 5 Bonding Tips That Work With a GFE Escort

For many men, a hot London escort is a dream come true. It's not hard to see why: these exquisite women are gorgeous and sexy and will give you the pleasure that only leaves you yearning for more. You can be assured that these London GFE escorts have all the right skills too. They know how to create a bond with you so tight it'll practically make you question your relationship. If hot and sexy escorts sound like your cup of tea, brace yourself because it's just about to get nasty. If you're also wondering how you can develop rapport with a call girl, check out this summary below:

1. Talk About Her Interests

Talking about hobbies you have in common is always an easy way to start any conversation. If you want to spice things up with a GFE escort girl, try discussing her interests. Establish a romantic, playful, and fun environment that will help keep the conversation going. Your London escort might not be into gourmet cooking, but she might be a sucker for crafting jewellery with beads and metal charms. You will find out if she has any hobbies or family activities by building trust and understanding, which are vital in developing small talk.

2. Compliment and Be Complimentary

It's amazing how much flattery can go a long way! If you want to keep the relationship going with your London escort girl, compliment her often for all her effort and attention to detail. Complementaries show you took your time to notice her and that you are interested in spending time with her. Also, call girls are not any different from the women you spend time with out there. They might seem tough and outgoing, but if you take your time with one, you will notice that they need some pampering too.

3. Find Common Interests

When we talk about interests, it almost feels like some cliché relationship advice but remembers, this is a GFE escort. To make it work with her, it has to feel like you're almost interested in a relationship. Additionally, to give you the girlfriend treatment, your escort has to know you as much as your partner does, if not better. The intimacy in understanding each other makes this type of girl more fulfilling and pleasurable than other call-girl arrangements.

4. Be Open, Honest, Not Over The Top

Avoid being overly critical or judgmental. This will make any escort in Europe feel like she's being interrogated, which can be very uncomfortable for her. Some people may not talk about themselves to avoid being self-centred, but others feel comfortable around open and honest people. Be quick to learn what your escort loves and play along because it will all return to you in pleasure.

5. Ask questions

Inquire about her dos and don'ts. The list can be short, but very important to know. Think about it, in a strip club, do you get to do what you want with a stripper just because you paid for her session? No! The same thing with a GFE escort. She can be nice, sexy, naughty, and as erotic as you wish, but you must play by her rules. Hence, to make the best of your time with this call girl, start by asking all the right questions and see if you won't just get a service you want to tip.


While building rapport with your escort might feel challenging at first, you will agree that it is well worth the effort. As you can tell, there are tips and tricks you can use to get along with your London escort, and these are only a few. Keep in mind that some of these techniques seem subtle, but they work magic in creating a connection with your girl and making her feel comfortable around you. The more she feels like your girlfriend, the more sexual her desire is for you.

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