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6 Tips for Your First Date With An Anal Escort

Whether you’ve tried it before, or you’re dreaming about your first anal sex experience, there are some things to bear in mind when visiting an anal sex escort, otherwise known as an A-levels escort, for the first time. These tips are intended to ensure everyone stays safe, and, of course, that all involved enjoy themselves as much as possible. After all, you’ve booked this date to have fun.

  1. Wrap it up! You may be thinking that no vaginal penetration means no STDs. However, you couldn’t be more wrong. The skin around your anus is very thin, which means that it could easily tear. This makes the risk of transmitting STDs high. To keep both yourself, and your chosen A-levels escort safe, make sure to use protection. If you’re concerned about reduced sensitivity, try out a ribbed condom for added pleasure.

  2. Discuss beforehand: This is the case with any sexual activity that you engage in, but particularly pertinent with anal, as it can be incredibly painful when done incorrectly. When making your booking, remember to ask the receptionist of the agency to put forward your request to the escort. When you meet with your date, it’s important to act respectively and politely, and again put forward your request. This will ensure that any sexual activity is based on consent, which will make for an enjoyable experience for all.

  3. Foreplay like a king: You’ve heard it before and now you’re hearing it again: foreplay is the way to go. While this is often recommended with all types of sex, it’s especially important when engaging in anal penetration. The muscles surrounding the anus need time, and stimulation, in order to relax. Massaging or licking the area will do the job nicely.

  4. Don’t go in expecting hardcore anal sex: You may have seen hardcore anal videos on various porn websites, and therefore have built up a fantasy in your head whereby you expect your encounter to reflect these videos. However, this type of anal penetration is unrepresentative of reality with an anal sex escort, and it is likely to be painful. Let the escort lead with anal play, as she is aware of her own limits and capabilities.

  5. Lube it up, baby: Unlike vaginas, anuses do not naturally lubricate. Therefore, it is important that you use lube before engaging in any back door action. There are lubes specifically for anal sex, which are thicker than regular lubes, which will ensure that both you and the beautiful lady enjoy the ride.

  6. Don’t switch it between holes: When it comes to engaging in anal sex, it’s gotta be a one way street. Moving between the anus, vagina, and mouth, without changing condoms or cleaning up, is a sure fire way to cause an infection. Please, gentlemen, if you really want to fuck her in other ways, then wash your dick first.

Remember that all sexual activities are agreed on at the discretion of the anal escort, and booking through an escort agency does not guarantee any sexual activity.

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