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Tips for a Romantic First Date With a London Escort

Planning the perfect date is never easy, especially with a new person. When it comes to organising the first date with an escort, it's best to focus on experiences that foster intimacy and relaxation. It’s often the case that clients can feel nervous on a first date, but choosing from our selection of the best Central London escorts available, you can assure yourself that you’ll be at ease in no time at all. These beautiful ladies are well-versed in the art of making their customers feel comfortable, so you can expect to enjoy your time together, without any stress. We’ve put together a selection of options for the perfect romantic date. 

Try an aphrodisiac

Nothing screams decadence quite like a plate of oysters. While this slimy shellfish hasn’t always been a mark of luxury, it’s now considered refined to indulge in these salty appetisers. What’s more, scientific studies have shown that oysters contain unique amino acids which are proven to stimulate desire in both men and women. Seems like a good way to kick-start a date, if you ask us. Head over to one of the three Wright Brothers locations, and put the science to the test. 

Dine with a view

London is home to its fair share of fantastic restaurants. When it comes to dining out, you really are spoilt for choice. On the flip side, this also means that it's necessary to put in the extra effort to impress. We recommend booking a table with a view at Sushi Samba or the Duck and Waffle, where you can dine while admiring the skyline of the City. The latter option provides 24/7 service, making it a fantastic place to see the sunrise after a night of fun with one of our Central London escorts.

Picnic in a park

Enjoy the rare appearance of the sun in the UK, and head to one of London’s parks, with a hamper full of delicious treats, and copious amounts of rose. Order a well-stocked and thoughtfully curated picnic hamper from Conde Nast’s selection of the best picnic hampers from London’s top restaurants. Take a picnic blanket and settle in for an afternoon of flirtatious conversation with one of our charismatic, witty, and beautiful ladies. 

Find a hidden bar

Speakeasy bars first began in America in the 1920s, during the prohibition era, when alcohol was banned. This led to the emergence of illicit underground bars, which required secret passwords for entry. Nowadays, their popularity is linked to the element of fun they provide, rather than the necessity for secrecy. There are several speakeasies in London, but we recommend checking out Nightjar or Happiness Forgets, found in east London and North London respectively. Nestle into a corner with a delicious, expertly crafted cocktail, and get to know your gorgeous escort girl in style. 

Take a candlelit bath

What could be more romantic, not to mention arousing, than sharing a candlelit bath with a very attractive lady? Add the thrill of doing this in a public place, and you’ve got yourself a date worth remembering. Check out AIRE Ancient Baths in London, where you can explore a variety of thermal baths in a historic building, while surrounded by the gentle glow of candlelight. Alternatively, why not really pull out all the stops, and book a couples wine bath experience? We’re sure that by the end of that, you’ll both be ready to race back to your central London hotel room, for a little bit of private time.

When it comes to planning a date with an escort girl in London, striving to ensure your chosen lady feels exceptional, is the most effective way to receive reciprocal special treatment.

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