Erotic stories

The birthday party

It was Joyce’s birthday and she invited some friends for a house party. It had become a tradition for Joyce to keep a group of friends in her house overnight on her birthday. Annie attended the previous year’s but she had to leave very late at night because she had to be at work in the morning. This year’s birthday was on a Friday, which means Annie had nowhere she was rushing to the next morning.

Annie took her time to select her outfit for the night because she knew that most of Joyce’s male friends are very cute and she wanted to turn their heads. She wore a red kinky short gown and black heels. She applied her aromatic cologne, put on her bracelets, grabbed her bag, and set out.

Joyce was already running out of patience when Annie got to her house.

“Happy birth…” Annie was going to sing but Joyce cut her.

“…I see why you are so late. You spent hours getting yourself dressed up. You so amazing that my friends might think it’s your birthday for a minute.” 

Annie felt accomplished. “Thanks, birthday girl. You look so beautiful and I’m pretty sure no one is stealing the show tonight. It’s all yours.” Annie replied as they went inside.

As expected, there were some really cute guys inside. Annie was shy so she grabbed the closest sit to her. A few guys called out to her to compliment her and that made her feel really good. She sat with her legs crossed and fixed her gaze on her phone. When she was finally able to put her head up, she caught the guy sitting opposite to her staring at her. 

“He’s handsome,” she thought to herself, and just about the same time, the guy winked at her. The night was just starting but Annie already knew someone might flirt with her because that started too early.

Joyce welcomed another friend and the party started. Throughout the songs, blowing of the candles, dances and all, the guy kept staring at Annie but that didn’t make her uncomfortable. Annie’s phone rang and she had to walk to the other part of the room to pick her call. Just as she was done talking, a voice whispered in her ear “I just thought to tell you that you are the prettiest lady here tonight”. 

Annie could have felt bad for stealing Joyce’s show but she was surprised when she turned around. It was the guy that had been flirting with her. 

“I’m John”

“Nice to meet you joy, I’m Annie”. 

John’s voice kept reverberating in Annie’s ears. She was getting attracted to him. Seems Joyce had noticed that because when it was time for the Truth or Dare game, Joyce dared Annie to kiss John and Annie did it passionately. 

“What is your sexual fantasy?” A girl asked John.

“Well, quite a few crazy ideas but on top of the list is sex in a car, on the streets, at broad daylight,” Frank replied. Annie had heard about how fun sex in a car could be but she had never had one. She imagined what her first time would be and she also wanted it to be in the broad daylight because she wanted to have sex where she shouldn’t be caught.

The party went on for hours until it was almost morning. Everyone was tired when the party was over. They slept at different places in the house but John had found a way to get close to each other and they cuddled all through. Annie was turned on but it was a full house and there was no probability of anything happening. She sat on John’s leg and she could feel his hard-on. She knew he was just as turned on as she was but they didn’t talk about it. They were together, drinking until it was daytime and Joyce’s friends started leaving. 

“Time to leave,” Annie said.

“I can drop you off if you don’t mind” John replied.

Annie went outside, hopped in John’s car as he drove her off. 

They kept discussing but John gave Annie a surprise when he asked a question.

“What do you think of my sex fantasy last night?”

“Well, it’s… beautiful and…”

Before Annie could continue, John cut in “There’s a car now and it’s daylight. Do you mind making my fantasy come true?”

By this time, they were in front of Annie’s house and the engine had stopped working. Annie could see John’s hard-on and she knew how it felt last night. She wanted to grope it.  

“I really wish I could say no” Annie said as she reached out for John’s dick and gave him a hand job. “This feels good” John moaned. 

Annie was feeling hot. Her pussy was wet but she wanted more foreplay. She moved over the gear to John’s seat and started kissing him. While at it, she felt John’s hand slide inside her and she let out a little moan. 

“We shouldn’t be doing this here, but that’s the fun,” John said. “I can look ahead of me; you know what’s happening behind. Don’t close your eyes.” 

Annie sat on John’s leg faced to him and fixed his dick in her pussy. It was so hard and Annie was so turned on that she started riding immediately. John spanked her, the way he loved and fondled her breast. Soon, they went faster and faster until they reached orgasm at almost the same time. Everything was quick and Annie went back to her seat.

“Now that’s one thing off my bucket list. You were so hot and I enjoyed every bit of your move” John said. 

“We don’t have to wait till Joyce’s next birthday. I have made your fantasy a reality, I hope you make mine someday” Annie said as she opened the door of the car and walked into her house.

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