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The Benefits of Anal Sex

What Are The Benefits of Anal Sex?

Whether you stumbled across this post yourself, or your eager partner sent you this in an attempt to convince you that some back-door action is not only desirable but beneficial, you might be surprised by the hidden benefits of anal sex.

No, really. When practised with a caring and knowledgeable A-levels escort, this type of sensuous encounter might have you climbing the walls of pleasure and asking for more much sooner than you’d think. 

Of course, some careful preparations are in order, and an honest, heart-to-heart discussion on each of you’s wants and needs can help you have a successful rendezvous. So, what are the benefits of anal sex? How can this seemingly taboo practice elevate your sex life?

Anal Orgasms Are Outstanding

The sphincter comprises numerous nerve endings that, when properly stimulated, could send crippling waves of pleasure, from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. For cisgender men, a little bit of anal action will stimulate the prostate, which can produce toe-curling orgasms.

While you might be inclined to refuse any kind of backdoor action, keeping an open mind is really important in sex, as it will probably provide new favourite experiences. 

Women did not draw the short end of the stick here, either. Anal stimulation will engage the G and A spots in women, as working this area will indirectly engage the vaginal walls. If you consider yourself an open-minded person and love to experiment in the bedroom, you cannot let the opportunity of feeling an anal orgasm pass you by. It is one of the most intense feelings you can experience, with women reporting it was the first thing to ever make them squirt. And if that’s not enough to pique your interest… 

The Taboo Factor Is Truly Exciting

We all know that sex is a vulnerable, intimate thing. Having an open and eager partner and some time to kill can teach you a lot of things about your sexuality and you as a person. This is why it’s worth exploring sex in all of its facets, and not letting opportunities slide, as you might be missing out on some serious fun.

Of course, there are some taboos that are taboos for a reason. But a little bit of (controlled) taboo action can only serve for a more intense, blazing hot and fulfilling sex life. We all know that the same sex positions get pretty old after a while, so people are finding new and creative ways to spice up their time in the bedroom.

So why not give this seemingly taboo, yet so common practice a try, especially when the pleasure potential is off the charts? 

It Increases Intimacy Between Partners

This comes as no surprise to anyone. Trying new things with a partner and prepping together for a new way to have fun will only serve as a reason for you two to get closer. New experiences bond people like no other thing, so you can only imagine how much better this works when the result is a drool-inducing, legs-shaking, full body orgasm.

And it does not get more intimate than sharing such close quarters with your partner. Of course, anal sex requires a lot of communication, going slowly and trying out new positions. This will increase trust and bring you both closer than ever before. Who would have thought anal sex could be so romantic? 

Ready For Your First Anal Experience?

If you’ve been dreaming of this for a while, but you can’t seem to find the perfect partner to fulfil this long-time fantasy, it might be worth exploring with a professional.

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