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Sally Finally Invites Josh Over, But With a Condition

Josh's excitement when he got a message from Sally was almost impossible to miss. For the longest time, Josh fancied Sally a great deal but was initially hesitant to make any move on her because she was a London Escort. Sally, had been Josh's neighbour for a long time, and they had been flirting superficially for some time. Josh had never received a text like the one he did from Sally, and now that he was reading one, he was so aroused. It was the nearest he'd ever been to an orgasm without being touched. He looked at the text for a second time and a third and responded with a straightforward "ok".

When Sally got Josh's reply, she smiled in anticipation of what she'd devised for the afternoon. Her text to Josh was straightforward: "My place in 30 mins. Ensure you're not spotted and delete this text now. Lol". Despite being among the many beautiful and confident London escorts, Sally spent more than three weeks fantasizing about sending a text like that to her neighbour. Sally worked with an Escorts London-based company and had kept that part of her life private from everyone except Josh.

She liked Josh and couldn't wait for him to come and give her a good time for the first time. Josh had been married for six years and had never fucked escort girls or call girls his entire life. On the other hand, Sally had been with several men before, which was typical of all escort girls. Her excitement was so overwhelming that it was close to turning her pale blue panties navy. Sally had to inhale and exhale deeply to get back some semblance of self-control so she wouldn't act on impulse when her visitor arrived. She'd so eagerly yearned for Josh to fuck her that she thought of little else that day.

Josh deleted the text, told his wife that he would visit a friend, and left for Sally's house. As Josh was making his way to Sally's house, Sally was carefully laying out a set of sexy lingerie on her bed. All Josh craved was to get in between her legs as often as possible; not even wild horses could stop him from reaching her house. Josh had heard stories about how escort girls were the real deal, and he was eager to test that theory.

Upon reaching her place, he climbed over the backyard wall and quickly went through the garden and into the open kitchen door. When he got in the house, Sally greeted him with the lengthiest, most intense kiss any woman had ever given him. He almost came in his pants because Sally looked extremely sexy and yummy, almost like a vogue magazine model.

Seeing that Sally was already almost naked, he undressed as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, Sally was desperately trying to maintain her composure and wasn't sure whether Josh was turned on by her sexy outfit or was still aroused by her passionate greeting a few moments earlier. Her thoughts, however, quickly faded away when she saw Josh's erection. His erection was the most salacious thing she'd ever glanced at in her long life as a London escort girl.

Sally and Josh instantly started passionately kissing as they went to the bedroom. Sally wanted to capture the moment, and when they were finally in her bed, she reached for her phone which was on the side of her bed. She took a selfie of herself smiling, then dropped her phone, held up the hem of her short skirt with a single hand, and removed her already dulling knickers with the other hand. She then parted her gorgeous legs and whispered, "Come here!" Josh didn't need a second invitation; he slowly moved towards her already wet and quivering lush pink crevice.

Upon reaching Sally, she instantly grabbed his hair with her hands and let out a soft yet pleasure-filled moan as his tongue flicked against her clitoris. She'd wanted him inside her when she came, and Josh wanted the same. They made love passionately, but the thrill of how the whole adventure unfolded gave them satisfaction. After making out and having sex, Josh returned home and sat down over what had happened. He had his answer; Escort girls are indeed the real deal!

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