Gentleman's guide

Roleplay sex ideas to make sex interesting

Sexual Roleplay Suggestions

Here are 5 roleplay ideas you may try right away.

Get it on with your boss

Ever imagined having a nice time with your boss? Why not make it happen? To have the real office atmosphere, get away from the bed, and stage the play around a table or desk. Have a nice time having sex with your boss. 

An Erotic Massager

You've probably had some massage before and you got horny but can't get on with the masseuse. This is one easy sexual roleplay. Treat yourself to a massage that takes you 'all the way'.

Cop and Criminal

The Cop and Law-breaker scene is another great idea. It is even better if the lady is the cop. Break the law and get punished, in bed. 

The butler/maid secret rendezvous

The kitchen is one of the best settings for this play. The Master and Missus have gone out to have a nice time, you should make the most of the time. Get some apron and bow ties, you will need them. Also, make the most of the countertops, no way the maid and butler have the time and patience to make a bed. Raid the fridge for chocolate, whip creams, strawberries, anything.  

The nurse and patient

Pretend you feel under the weather, let the nurse take care of you. It could start from a sponge bath to seduction, to resistance, before giving in. No role play without a costume, therefore, get everything you need to make it look real. This scene is best staged in the bathroom. Leave the bed for once, use the bathtub. 

There is no restriction to your imagination. These are just a few examples of the many interesting concepts you can create to spice up your date. But what is a date without a high class, beautiful babe? Some of our babes want to meet you right away. Click here to see them. 

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