Erotic stories

Mike Finally Fulfils His Long-Time Fantasy

It was the trip that changed Mike's life forever....... Set in Rome, his first trip outside of jolly old England, Mike was sitting next to a gorgeous girl, 23 years old and an ex-model! They were set to visit Rome on a two-week business trip despite getting on the plane as strangers.

By the time they landed in Rome, they'd somehow managed to get extremely close! They spent the whole night chatting, and even got to know each other's names without much trouble! Little did Mike know at the time that his life was about to change!

Mike had always fantasized about having hot passionate sex with an escort, but never got around to it. He had heard juicy tales about how fantastic London escort services were, and that he would never get a better deal, especially with London porn star escorts.

He had also heard how A-level escorts in London were all sexy, how they were professional, and how they were all great in bed. He imagined they could make any man's fantasies come true, and how it would be the greatest thing ever for him.

He'd heard all of these things but had never gotten the guts to try it out himself.

Early the next day, Mike went and completed his business meeting for the day and then called Jenny, the pretty ex-model he met. They linked up later that evening for dinner, and offered to escort Jenny to her hotel room after the fine dining.

Just as Mike was about to ask her out for dinner the next day, she delicately put her finger on his lips, instantly silencing him. She then smiled and grabbed his hand, pulled him close, and threw her lips down on his, kissing him harder than he had ever been kissed! After the kiss, Mike knew exactly what he had gotten himself into as Jenny quickly forced her hotel room door open.

Jenny wasted no time and pulled Mike in and wrapped her arms around him and with an even more passionate kiss. In split seconds, she pulled her top off and threw it on the ground.

Unlike most of the models Mike saw in magazines, he was shocked at how aggressive Jenny was.

She quickly pulled off his shirt and slung it to the floor, then proceeded to tug his pants and took them off. They both quickly undressed, taking every last piece of clothing they had off before just jumping into bed together, wrapped up in each other's arms.

That night, Mike had the best sex of his life. He woke up marvelled at how much he enjoyed the encounter better than all the women he had been with in the past.

After a wonderful night together, they woke up early and went out for breakfast together. Jenny opened up to Mike about her life as a call. She also told him that she had an early booking at the end of the week and only then could she see him again. Mike accepted the invitation, and even went to pick her after breakfast, and the two spent a wonderful afternoon exploring this foreign city.

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