Gentleman's guide

How to make strangers like you instantly


Always smile when you meet new people. Smiling warms the situation and makes you appear friendly. Also, smiling could make you happier because it triggers the brain to release some chemicals that can make your mood better. Nobody wants to have a conversation with a frowning stranger. Not only do you look friendly when smiling, but you also look more likable than when you are not.


Don’t just talk, add some actions with your hands. Gesticulating displays enthusiasm in conversations. When you compliment your speech with the movement of hands and arms, it shows your energy and passion for the discussed topic. You have to be careful, however. Going overboard with this could be a total turnoff. 


Always have some humorous lines with you. This could be difficult at the start but it gets easier with time. No one is asking you to be a comedian here, but starting a conversation with a little joke increases your chances of being liked. Even if the joke isn’t top-notch, the fact that you are trying to make people smile could increase your chances of being liked. You have to be careful here too because cracking too many jokes might make you one. 

Call them by their name

Don’t have a lengthy discussion with anyone without finding a way to know their name. Most people love hearing the sound of their names, especially when it comes from people they have not known for long. When talking to people, use their names a few times and that would make the stranger feel somewhat connected to you. 


Nobody wants to watch you talk for the whole day. Find a way to make your partner talk. Asking simple questions or complimenting them could get them to say a few words. When conversations happen in turns, both parties are likely to enjoy it.

The greatest of all tips is talking to people every time. Wherever you find yourself, say “hello” to people and see if you can continue the discussion. It would get easier with time. 

Having learnt how to make a first impression, it is time to try your new skill. Meet a beautiful lady today, practice your skill, and have more than a discussion.

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