Gentleman's guide

How to improve male sexual stamina

Exercise more

Sex is an exercise if done right. Sex can increase your heart rate but if you exercise regularly, your heart would remain in shape. Also, during exercise, endurance and concentration are learnt, and you could find yourself pushing past your limits a few times. All these have a way of increasing sexual stamina.

Healthy eating

Feeding can improve sexual health. If you are serious about increasing sexual stamina, you may have to pay more attention to foods that can enhance blood flow because the penis works on blood pressure, and whatever is good for the heart is good for sexual health. The nutrients you need include omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B-1, other vitamins, etc.

Pay attention to your partner

Sex is for two people, or three, or more. Understanding that it is not all about you helps you to go at the pace of your partner, which usually leads to better sex. Paying attention to your partner makes you know if to go faster or slow down. Whatever it is, your partner would enjoy it as much as you do. 

Avoid stress

Stress can affect your sexual health in different ways. Psychological stress could affect your libido, achieving an erection, and reaching orgasm. 

Stress increases your heart rate badly and that could affect sexual performance and desire.


In everything, the more you practice, the better you get. Every time you have sex, try to make it better than the last. If you don’t have a willing partner, you could do with some “me” time. You could get better with masturbation. Try to go slowly so that you can last long. If you go too fast a few times, you might ruin your sexual stamina instead of increase it.

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