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How to Give Anal Sex Orgasms

While we are by no means denying that a spontaneous quickie is a lot of fun, anal sex requires a little more thought and preparation. Putting in the extra work to ensure both you and your sexual partner are fully prepared, means that you will both reap the benefits of this too-often unexplored erogenous zone. If you’re in need of the perfect person to discover the joys of the anus, why not book an anal escort? Wave goodbye to taboos and inhibitions, and embrace backdoor penetration, to experience some mind-blowing orgasms. We’ve put together a list of tips and tricks, to help you deliver sensational anal ecstasy to your A-levels escort. Whether you’re giving or receiving, our recommendations will ensure both parties have an amazing experience.

Prepare properly

Before diving into some butt play, make sure that both giver and receiver are properly prepared. This will help to prevent any accidents, pain, or other unfortunate occurrences, and ensure maximum pleasure. 


  • Take care of your hands: You’d be hard pressed to find someone happy with having long, dirty nails probing their behind. Before you fondle someone’s anus, please make sure your nails are short and clean.

  • Use protection: For penile penetration, remember to wrap up before you enter your sexual partner. The rectum can be a hotspot for STIs, too, so stay safe!

  • Get ready to rumble: How many times can we say it? Foreplay is KEY. Lick, massage, kiss around the anus before slowly slipping a finger in. Listen to your sexual partner’s cues, and act accordingly. 


  • Have a hot bath: Relax the muscles around your anus by warming them up with a nice, hot bath. Light some candles, dim the lights, listen to some music, and start fantasising about what’s to come.

  • Get in the mood: Trying to have anal sex when you’re all tense will only end in misery and failure. Make sure you’re in the mood to get down and dirty by reading something erotic, watching some porn, or using your imagination. 

  • Practice with toys: There’s no denying that learning to enjoy anal sex can take some time. To get yourself used to the idea of having something in your butt, practice alone with some sex toys.

  •  Lube it up: We cannot stress enough how important this point is. Assholes don’t self lubricate. Try and enter that baby dry, and you’re gonna find trouble. When it comes to anal, you can never use enough lube. The more the merrier, as far as we’re concerned. 

Techniques to try with an anal escort

Butt sex isn’t simply about sticking the penis in and fucking it hard. Like vaginal sex, there are many pleasurable approaches to take. 

  • Tongue: Use your tongue to stimulate your sexual partner’s anus. Although it can’t reach right in and stimulate the A-Spot, it can be used to tease your sexual partner and stimulate the perineal area.

  • Come hither: Slowly slide your finger into the anus of your beautiful A-levels escort, and curl your finger upwards in a “come hither” motion. Increase the depth and speed according to her desires.

  • Circling motion: When you’ve located that spot in her rectum that makes her go “oooo”, circle it with the pad of your finger. Play with pressure and speed, according to her moans.

  • Vibrator: Some escorts include sex toys in their repertoire of services. If you’ve booked one who does, then you’re in luck. Incorporate the use of a vibrator in your anal play, for unrivalled pleasure. 

  • Butt plugs: Enjoy genital sex and anal play at the same time, by using butt plugs. Try using them in doggy style, so that you can easily access her bum and vagina at the same time. 

Stimulate other areas

For really mind blowing pleasure, don’t keep the stimulation to the anus. 

  • Clitoris: Using your hands or a toy, give your anal escort’s clit a little bit of loving. Trust us, she’ll appreciate it. 

  • Nipples: Gently play with your sexual partner’s nipples, squeezing them between your finger and thumb. Alternatively, massage the breast with your hands. 

For more tips and tricks on enjoying butt sex with an anal escort, check out our blog post on anal sex positions to try with an escort. To find the perfect lady to explore your fantasies with, take a scroll through our A-Levels gallery.  

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