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How to Find Your Perfect London Mistress

How to Find Your Perfect London Mistress?

BDSM gets a bad rep. This is why an aficionado of the genre might have some issues while looking for a London mistress to fit the bill. Whether you’ve been lurking on FetLife for a few years or you’re only just starting to dabble into the fulfilling life of a BDSM connoisseur, you will need a partner that can not only keep up with you but also surpass you in creativity.

Many people seem to think that BDSM is nothing more than rough sex and leather whips, and escorts who are not quite familiar with what it entails might offer “BDSM” services expecting just that.

You, however, know that is not the case, and you might find it difficult to find a London mistress that truly resonates with your fantasy. That can get frustrating pretty quickly, this is why we put together a list of surefire ways to tell whether the escort that caught your eye is truly mistress material.

Before you even get to exchange “hello”s with an escort, you get the chance to choose one that fits your requirements based on her profile. And no, that does not only mean choosing one whose appearance you like the most, even though that certainly helps. Here are some other things you can look out for while you’re looking for your next Goddess.

Her Fiery Glance

This should go without saying. You should be able to tell a great mistress by the way she looks into the camera. A true BDSM artist will be able to burn holes through the lens with her intense glare and pull on your heartstrings before you even get the chance to look at the rest of her body.

This is not to say she should look mean. Her demeanour should be inviting, yet severe. When looking at her, your first thought should not be “she frightens me”, but rather “I would not want to step on her tail”.

Her Poses

By now, we’re all pretty familiar with the boudoir poses we’re seeing in the profile pics of our sexy escort girls. Some are racier than others, but at the end of the day, every last one of them manages to excite and arouse us.

Great mistresses have a little bit of a different way of going about pictures. The obviously sexual poses are replaced by low angle photos that showcase perceived superiority and Basic Instinct style, cross-legged masterpieces.

There are many ways in which a domineering attitude can transpire through profile pictures, but you should be quickly able to tell whether the escort that caught your eye is vanilla or 92% high cacao.

Her Reviews

While it is understandable that not all of the London escorts will have tons of reviews you can study, there are some out there that shine so bright their clients cannot help but leave a stellar review.

If you are browsing for the perfect mistress, it would not hurt to take a look down the review section. Of course, extra points should be given to the ones who received great reviews from fellow BDSM lovers.

Now that you’ve found a couple of potential mistresses, the only thing you can do is set dates with them and further assess their dominatrix abilities. Of course, your experience will probably dictate whether you two will have a second date, but there are still some questions you can ask to ensure you’re only picking the best option for you.

The first thing you should ask yourself is: Does she seem knowledgeable of common BDSM terms and fantasies?” This might not seem very important from the get-go, especially if you’re a beginner, yourself. 

However, during your sessions, you will certainly need someone who understands BDSM lingo and makes use of it. And this is not gatekeeping. A mistress that is not familiar with common BDSM practices, and who does not know how to ask for a certain thing she wants you to do will quickly dissipate the domineering illusion. 

By now, you probably already know that there’s nothing worse than hiring someone to boss you around (seductively), only to find out you need to tell her what instructions you need to receive. 

Another surefire way to tell whether you hired the best London mistress is by asking yourself how much attention does she pay to your reactions during your session. Establishing a great BDSM relationship takes a lot of time, and even longer if your mistress is not committed to getting there faster. 

During your first dates, an experienced mistress will pay close attention to your preferences, your pain levels, what excites you the most and what you’re reluctant to do. 

This will ensure she understands your needs and that she can emulate the Goddess in your fantasies perfectly. 

The only thing that will help create a fulfilling bond between the two of you is her eagerness to understand what makes you tick and get there at the speed of light. Because she knows that’s where the real fun begins. 

And when she’s giving out her commands, are her instructions clear and creative? Or does she appear to spew textbook instructions from an old school BDSM book? Did you just finish giving yourself the same 15 spanks for the third time? She’s probably not that into it. 

A great mistress will use her experience and intellect to craft a custom rollercoaster ride for you, build upon your excitement and show you new things that you might want to use in your solo practices. If she’s using the environment, tools and creativity to her advantage, you know you’ve got a winner. Plus, you will certainly enjoy your time together a lot more. 

Lastly, what is she like when the session is over? No good dominant ever forget about aftercare. Is she nice, polite and reassuring? Is she able to quickly snap out of the role and make you feel at ease as you’re both returning to real life? 

An experienced mistress knows when it’s time to play and when it’s time to be a friend. If she’s caring and compassionate, this will only strengthen your bond, which will only make your future dates a lot more pleasant. 

Of course, in the end, you are the only one setting the tone for what your perfect mistress looks like. She should be able to tick all of your boxes, whatever the BDSM practice might look for you. Moreover, an experienced mistress that fulfils all of the above criteria can’t do much for you if there’s no chemistry between you two. 

You should not, however, let these worries discourage you. Your perfect kinky partner is out there, and we promise that your sex life will look a lot better once you find her. Of course fulfilling your deepest fantasies takes work. But it’s certainly worth it in the end. 

Now, for some shameless self-promotion. We’re not saying that the escort girls we represent are your best choice. But they might as well be. 

Why don’t you sneak a peek in our BDSM-enthused gallery? See if you can use what you’ve just learned to pick a mistress that will have you crumble at her feet? 

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