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How to ask for anal sex?

The concept of anal sex is, unfortunately, still somewhat of a taboo in today’s society. Although there is a general trend towards people becoming more and more comfortable with speaking about sex, not everyone is as open as our anal escorts, and the mention of anal still has people grimacing. After all, it’s just an exit hole, right? Wrong! When done correctly, butt play can add an extra depth to your sex life, and bring about new levels of pleasure, whether you’re giving or receiving. However, it can be difficult to know how to broach the subject, let alone ask if someone’s interested in the idea. To help you discover the joys of anal penetration, we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to help you build up the courage to ask for some butt sex.

  1. Avoid asking on impulse: With any new relationship, whether it’s casual or feels fairly serious, it’s not uncommon for sexual partners to feel slightly self-conscious around each other. After all, you’re still getting to know the ins and outs of each others’ bodies, as well as each others’ likes and dislikes. We recommend working on building up your sexual rapport before you broach the subject of anything that’s a little kinkier.

  2. Discuss your fantasies: One way to get to know each other is to discuss your fantasies together. This is also a roundabout way of finding out if she’s open to the idea of anal. If she doesn’t bring it up, you can always plant the seed by mentioning your interest in butt play. The idea of talking about fantasies can be intimidating, after all, they exist in the safety of our own thoughts. Try to keep things flirty and light-hearted, to avoid things becoming awkward and stilted. Make sure to be respectful, and don’t mock or judge your sexual partner for their fantasies. It’s only courteous, after all.

  3. Try asking outside of the bedroom: We get it, you’re in the heat of the moment, things are going well, you’re both incredibly turned on, and a thought pops into your mind… ”should I ask her if she wants it up the bum?”. While this may feel like a good idea, perhaps one of the best ideas you’ve ever had, we recommend you keep that one to yourself. Asking in the moment may lead your sexual partner to agree, without being fully okay with the idea, due to a fear of disappointing you. This means the experience could kill the mood entirely, or be extremely unpleasant for her. Rather than springing this request on your lady partner midway through doing the dirty, broach the subject outside of the bedroom. 

  4. Consent is important: Some people simply aren’t interested in the idea of having something put in their bum hole, no matter how great it can feel. If your sexual partner says no, you must respect this. It’s simply not everyone’s cup of tea. Don’t push the subject, as this is uncomfortable and disrespectful. There are a plethora of other ways in which you can be sexually satisfied, without having to stick your penis into a bumhole. 

  5. Suggest trying butt play first: In the case that your partner is curious, but a little apprehensive, we recommend starting with some light anal play. Start by stimulating the anus with your tongue or a finger, or introduce a butt plug in the mix. Whatever you do, make sure to use lube and lots of it! Read our post on 

    for more ideas and advice.

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