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Foreplay tips for a date with a London Escort

Here at Escorts London, we've put together a selection of top tips for ways to improve your foreplay game with your chosen London escort. There is a common misunderstanding that when people pay for a lady's time and companionship, they should skip straight to the hot stuff. However, it's far more enjoyable for all involved, if you take your time to get to know each other, and warm up slowly.

Look and compliment

Whether it’s an incall or outcall, whoever travelled needs some rest. Take your time to relax. You could fill a glass with some champagne for your London escort, while you stare into each other’s eyes. Compliment her physical features and flirt. The drink, the looks, the compliments, the words: it all helps to makes the atmosphere romantic.

Slowly undress your London Escort

The rule has not changed, don’t be in a rush. It could be fun to tear each other’s clothes off and get in bed immediately upon arrival, but foreplay requires you to reduce the pace, build tension and anticipation. Pay attention to everything as you slowly undress her. Your London escort likely has lingerie underneath her clothing. Admire it and take it off gently. 

Romantic feeding

If you can get some fruits, all good. Whipped cream and chocolate can do the magic too. Feed each other, and have fun doing it. You could also eat it off of your London escort's body, as this could arouse both of you and create more connection. Alternatively, she could lick melted chocolate and whipped cream off of your naked body.


Kiss her, slowly, meaningfully, and in places other than just her lips. Focus on the erogenous zones, such as the neck, breasts and inner thigh. Remember that every act of foreplay only serves to make sex all the sweeter. The slower you take things, the more aroused you'll both be.

An erotic massage

Move your hands around her body. Make sure you observe her reaction to make certain you are doing what she wants. Start with her shoulders and back, and gradually move to the erogenous zones. These include the ears, breasts, nipples, inner thighs, and of course, her vagina. We recommend using some massage oil, as this will add to the sensation and sensual feeling. Not confident in your massage skills? Check out our post on erotic massage techniques for dummies.

Strip tease

There's nothing quite like a strip tease to get you all riled up and ready for more. The clue is in the name. Watch as she slowly removes her clothes, while dancing seductively to some music. Sit back and relax as she turns you on with a sexy dance.

Blindfold each other

Take it in turns to blindfold each other. Use this time to tease the other one by kissing and stroking their erogenous zones. Kiss the parts of their body close to their genitals, but without touching them. When you get close, move away again. We have no doubt that this will send your London escort wild.

You know what happens at the next stage, but if you don’t, your escort does. Following the above process would form a quick, tentative connection between you and your escort and you would both be mentally ready for hot sex. 

Now that you know what to do, all that is left is getting a beautiful, classy escort. Well, some of the best escorts in London are waiting to meet you.

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