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Erotic Massage Techniques for Dummies

Erotic Massage Techniques for Dummies

You got here today by the grace of you being a giving lover. In which case, kudos to you. An expertly executed massage can bring most of us to the brink of complete, hedonistic surrender.

This is why any self-respecting man (and woman) should have some of these techniques in their arsenal, as they’re sure-fire ways to preheat the oven in a delicate, sensual and intimate way.

Of course, since most of us did not get the chance to take any classes on properly giving an erotic massage, we’re happy to present a couple of tips and tricks that will take you from nervous baker kneading the dough to a master baker. Yes, this joke was completely intentional.

Let's dive right in.

Setting the Mood

This is, maybe, one of the most important parts of the entire experience. No matter what certain adult movies might tell you, a terrific erotic massage can be rendered useless by strong fluorescent lighting, so dim those lights and light some candles.

And while you’re at it, some music would be excellent Try not to impose any of your music tastes on her, though. Going for something like a chill jazz playlist or some dark, sensual electronica would be best.

Even when you both enjoy the same music, a sensual massage calls for anything other than punk rock or reggae.

I’ve had great results with this playlist. You’re welcome. 

Lastly, don’t be afraid to try out some aromatherapy. It does not have to break the bank. Some scented candles, incense sticks or essential oils will do the trick nicely. If you’re overwhelmed by the choices, you can never go wrong with scents like lavender, jasmine, vanilla, or eucalyptus.

Prepare Your Tools

Dry massages are possibly the worst thing that could happen to someone, except for a violent death. Make sure you have some oil ready and lubricate your hands throughout the massage.

Baby oil works fine; essential oils for massages are a lot better. If you have some coconut oil ready, you can infuse it with a few drops of essential oil. It’s a lot cheaper than a full-blown massage oil and provides the same amount of quality. Moreover, coconut oil is a great alternative for classic lubricants, and you can buy it in massive amounts for cheap.

Once you’re ready for action, put a generous amount of oil on your hands and rub your palms together vigorously to warm them up. No one wants cold hands on them, especially when they’re butt naked and getting ready for a sensual experience. Ensure your hands are nice and warm before you ever touch her.

Take Your Time

While it might be tempting to go for the goods right away, that’s one of the worst things you can do. Women love men that respect their bodies. And, to be honest, an overly excited man that promises a sensual massage then goes to play with her breasts for 15 minutes will probably turn off any woman.

Leave the erogenous zones for later, and take it slow. Start with her hands, massaging her palms and forearms. Then go up to her upper arm, shoulders, neck and upper back. Make your way down to her lower back, and legs.

Don’t forget about her feet. Even if feet are not your thing, feet massages are amazingly relaxing. You focusing on that part of her body will let her know that your main goal is her pleasure, not yours.

Erotic Massage Techniques

Now that you’re familiar with your ideal itinerary let’s take a look at the main techniques you will be using to drive the woman in your bed mad with pleasure.

1. The Compression Technique

This technique presumes to press your palms flat onto her body in slow, circular motions. It’s a fantastic way to prepare the body for a deeper massage, and it works exceptionally well on her lower, upper back and legs.

Try to use a constant amount of pressure, but don’t press too hard. You can ask her in the beginning if the level of pressure is comfortable to her, but don’t be that guy that’s constantly looking for reassurance that he’s doing a good job.

She won’t be able to relax if you keep asking her, “are you relaxed yet?”

2. Shiatsu Technique

This is probably one of the most widespread massaging techniques, as it is fairly simple to do and comes to most of us naturally. What you will want to do is grab an area of her body and use your thumbs to apply pressure.

You can do so in circular motions or following the lines of her body. This technique works wonderfully for any area, and it’s especially useful for hands and feet. Just like in the case of the previous technique, make sure you’re not pressing too hard.

We tend to underestimate how much pressure we’re using when giving a massage, and when she’s tense, she will feel your touches a lot more deeply.

3. Kneading Technique

Circling back to the baking metaphor, this technique presumes to massage her body the same way you’d knead a ball of dough. It’s OK if you’ve never kneaded dough in your life, you can find a lot of videos explaining how it’s done.

This technique works great for the fleshier parts of her body, like her butt and thighs, since the massage is deeper. You can save this one until later in the session, once she’s warmed up and deeply relaxed. If you go with these movements right away, you risk hurting her as she might be tense.

4. Nuru Massage

And, here we are. Straight into the sexy, steamy, carnal territory. Nuru massages are an exotic form of massage in which you and your partner are naked and covered in oil. You will then start rubbing your naked bodies together, massaging them.

Remember, it’s you who’s giving the massage, so you should be the one who puts in the work, making sure that her body gets enough attention. This technique is an excellent way to deepen your bond and drive her wild with lust for what’s to come.

But try to keep it in your pants, though. We’re not there yet. While an erection is an entirely normal and desirable part of this technique, it can be easy to get a bit too excited at this point and forfeit the massage in favour of full-blown intercourse. Stay strong. We’re getting there.

5. Genitalia Massage Technique

I bet this is what we’ve all been waiting for. As the name so ostensively suggests, this technique presumes to massage her private parts. 

After you’ve gone through with the massage, have her lay comfortably on her back and maybe tease her a little bit before you go full ballistic. 

Use the kneading technique gently on her collarbone and torso, hinting at her breasts. Then go directly to her thighs, and use slow, deliberate motions to massage them, focusing on her inner thighs. 

At this point, she should be fairly aroused, so try doing that until it’s obvious she wants you to touch her a bit more boldly. When she can’t take it anymore, preserve the slow pace and go for her breasts and nipples. Massage them firmly, with circular motions, and you know. Have fun with it. 

You should then glide your hands to her lower abdomen, and gently stroke the outer labia in an up and down motion. Stay away from her clit for this part, and just massage the outer part of her vagina, squeezing the labia together from time to time.

Once you’ve decided that her arousal knows no bounds, it’s time to massage her clitoris. You should have found it by now. Use light, repetitive strokes, but don’t go too fast. You should also try using little pressure, as her clitoris is very sensitive, especially when aroused.

Use the tip of your fingers to caress her clitoris and clitoral hood, then slide your hands between her inner labia and massage her vaginal opening without going inside. Stimulate the opening with circular motions, slowly dipping the tip of your finger inside from time to time.

From here on out, I reckon you’ll be fine. Just work your magic and tease her for as long as possible before you go all out. 

Final Thoughts

There are few ways in which you can mess up a sensual massage. If you go the extra mile of setting a romantic mood and take your time with her body, she will probably be content.

Remember that most men will promise a massage and then go straight into playing with her breasts for a couple of minutes before trying to have sex with her. Obviously, women hate that.

Be patient and use deliberate, slow moves, lubricate your hands frequently and don’t break her bones. You’ll do great.

I bet you are really excited to try these on someone, so if you’re missing a partner, may we give you any recommendations? These gorgeous women love sensual massages, no matter on which end they find themselves during one.

You can practice with each other and exchange tips.

P.S. You’ll be a lot more incentivised to give an amazing massage when a mind-blowingly attractive woman is lying naked on your bed. Hiring one of our model escorts is the fastest way to become an expert masseuse. Just saying. 

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