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Benefits of Daily Sex

Benefits of Daily Sex

I’m really curious if anyone will ever read an article about the benefits of sex. After all, it seems like the advantages of a fulfilling sex life are pretty much evident. It feels great! Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Well, if you think that the sole benefit of having sex is physical pleasure, you might want to sit down for this. However, making love comes with a plethora of social, physical and mental benefits, some of which flew under the radar for a long time.

And it’s not like anyone ever needed any convincing to strive towards regular sex. The over-the-top pleasure and delicious intimacy that people share between the sheets are two very compelling reasons to put effort into your sex life.

But I love giving good news, which is why I went into a bit more depth on this subject and uncovered a myriad of mind-blowing benefits people get with daily sex. I’m actually starting to believe that doctors will become redundant if everyone on Earth will start embracing their carnal desires and save enough time in their schedules for sex.

Just so you understand this seemingly preposterous statement a bit better, here are the most common and impactful benefits of daily lovemaking.

Promotes Longevity

During an orgasm, a specific hormone is released that helps with immunity, repairs tissue and promotes skin health. Moreover, sexual activity is known to increase levels of testosterone and oestrogen. These two hormones are vital, and their levels have a big impact on health and behaviour.

Testosterone actually helps men become better, more passionate in bed, along with improving muscle and bone health, preserving heart health and keeping cholesterol in check. Studies have found that men who orgasm at least two times per week live significantly longer than men who have sex every few weeks.

Moreover, those same studs who orgasm twice a week have a significantly lower risk of a heart attack. Have enough sex, and you’ll become immortal. It was that easy.

Builds Intimacy

This one should come as no surprise. Sex with one night stands is pretty exciting, but it certainly does not compare with the emotional connection one would have with a long-term partner. Love, trust, vulnerability are all things that depend on how your sex life is going, and they’re also things that make your sex life a lot better. 

For any relationship to reach its true potential, it’s important for both partners to be on the same page emotionally. Sex is a great, if not a critical, part of building emotional bonds, which is why regular sex often leads to happier, more satisfying relationships.

In this case, it’s completely safe to say that the more sex you have, the stronger your connection will be. I wonder how much sex would be needed in order to start communicating with your partner telepathically? Only one way to find out! 

Promotes Mental Health

Whenever we’re going through stressful times, we might be inclined to pass on any nighttime fun. After all, who can think about sex when work is ripping you a new one? But that is actually a wrong approach. If you’re feeling stressed, you should not let that affect your performance in the bedroom, as it can wildly improve your mood at that moment.

Not only will sex drastically lower your stress hormone levels and release tons of happy hormones likes oxytocin and serotonin, but it seems like it can actually make you more resilient in the long run. People who engage in regular sexual activity are proved to handle stress a lot better and cope a lot easier with their daily issues.

Moreover, one of the feel-good chemicals that are released during sex, serotonin, will reduce your chances of getting depression significantly. It’s basically a natural anti-depressant that you don’t need to swallow. I mean… you know.

Improves Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is a vital part of our daily lives. Good sleep will have us feeling refreshed and energized, and it comes with many health benefits of its own.

Not only do the feel-good hormones promote a better, more peaceful sleep afterwards, but the elevated heart rate and “light” physical activity will spend the last of your energy reserves for the day and put you in a deep slumber.

If you’ve been having troubles falling asleep or if you’re waking up several times per night, having a little bit of adult fun before bed might be exactly what the doctor prescribed.

Helps With Fitness

Running on a treadmill does not make the list of things you’d gladly do each day. But sex is a lot more pleasurable, and it seems it has many of the same benefits as one of the modern curses - cardio.

The elevated heart rate pumps fresh blood to your organs, expelling toxins and other chemicals that make you feel tired. Moreover, it can help you keep in shape, as half an hour of sex can burn more than 80 calories. That’s about the same as 10 minutes of jogging.

This is to say that if you’re going to have sex two times per day and take a light stroll towards the closest pizza place, you will be considered “active” by all means and purposes. 

Final Thoughts

Doctors, therapists and personal trainers will want to keep you off this information. After all, their entire livelihoods depend on you not having regular sex. If you somehow stumbled upon this article, you are now in possession of facts that could dramatically impact the course of your life.

This is why you should go take a shower, make sure you’re looking and smelling your best, and go out on a quest to find the fountain of youth. Take your partner to a nice dinner and light some candles in the bedroom to ensure you’re never going to need the services of a cardiologist.

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