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Anal Massage Tips To Try With Your London Anal Escort

Butt play, anal play, a-play, discovering the back door, whatever you want to call it, an anal massage is a real treat for the senses. Working up to full anal penetration takes time, as you have to prepare your sphincter by working up from smaller toys or fingers to a penis or dildo. An anal massage is a good way to prepare the anus, and it can be an incredibly sensual experience, especially when provided by an expert, such as an anal escort.

What is an anal massage and why does it feel good?

An anal massage is a form of anal foreplay, and it can help arouse your partner and prepare them for butt penetration. There are many nerve endings around the anus, and stimulating them can feel incredibly pleasurable.

This sort of foreplay helps prepare the anus for anal sex. If you’re looking to take things to another level with one of our A-level escorts, this is a good way to get you both ready to try some of these anal sex positions.

Get ready for an anal massage

Trim those fingernails because no one wants to interrupt proceedings due to a tear in their anal tissue. It’s neither pleasant nor sexy. Make sure to give them a file, too, so there are no sharp edges.

It’s also really important to remember that the ass, unlike the vagina, doesn’t self-lubricate. Therefore, make sure to use plenty of lube. The more, the better. This will help to avoid any pain or any tears in the tissue around the anus.

Why choose a London anal escort?

Many men find that their partners are unwilling to engage in sexual acts focusing on the anus. There are several possible valid reasons for this. Whether it's due to the taboo surrounding the act, or they’ve had a previous bad experience, some people just aren’t comfortable with exploring butt play.

Building up a rapport with an A-Levels escort is a good way to try this sexual act, as they know the best way to approach this acts, and how to practice it in a safe manner. After all, their work pays the bills, so it’s important that any acts they engage in are practiced in a safe and responsible way.

10 tips for anal massages with your London escort

We’ve put together some tips for you to help you get started with anal massages. This means when you visit an anal escort for the first time, you won’t come across as a complete beginner.

1. Foreplay: Working up to the finale helps to build up arousal, and gets you both excited for what’s to come. Try starting off with an all-over body massage, before making your way to the backside, where you can gently massage the butt cheeks. We recommend using unscented massage oil to help reduce friction and help increase sensuality. Make sure that any oil you use is compatible with condoms, as your anal escort will want to ensure safe sex.

2. Use lots of lube: When engaging in any sort of anal play, it is important to ensure you use lots of lubricant. There are different types available: oil-based, silicone-based, or water and silicone hybrids. Silicone-based lubricants are your best bet, as they last for longer inside the rectum. However, they can stain clothing and bedsheets, so be warned! We don’t recommend using spit, as it dries out quickly.

3. Trace the anus with your fingers: Using the tip of one finger, circle the perimeter of the anus. You can vary between large circles and small circles. This is a good way to tease your sexual partner and stimulate the nerve endings in this area.

4. Use your tongue: Incorporating the use of your mouth can bring a whole new range of different sensations. You can nibble the butt cheeks, and try gentle licks leading up to the anus. Then use the tip of your tongue to lick around the anus, before slowly pushing the tongue into the opening.

5. Tease penetration: If your anal escort is happy to engage in penetration, and you’ve already discussed it, try using a fingertip, with lots of lube, and slowly penetrate the opening of the anus. Listen to the cues of your chosen A-levels escort, and try varying pressures and depth of penetration.

6. Stroke the anus for a different sensation: Using a lubricated finger, stroke the anus in different directions, either side to side or up and down. For up and down stroke, extend the motion along the butt crack for added sensation.

7. Try a vibrator: A vibrator is a great way to introduce a different sensation to anal play. Some London escorts enjoy using sex toys, making it an option for another way to explore together. Try using a finger vibrator to stimulate the anus. If you want to penetrate the anus with a vibrator, make sure you use one with a flared end, so that nothing gets lost!

8. Stimulate other areas too: When engaging in butt play, don’t neglect other erogenous zones, and genitalia. Whether it’s the penis, balls, clitoris, or nipples, to add to the arousal and pleasure sensations.

9. Try a butt plug: Once the anus is relaxed and thoroughly stimulated, you can experiment with butt plugs. They’re the next step up from an anal massage, in terms of preparing the ass for penetration. An anal escort can introduce you to the pleasures of a butt plug, and show you how to use them in a safe and pleasurable way.

10. Take a shower together: Jumping in the shower together is a great way to spice things up. Additionally, the warmth of the shower will help to further relax the anal muscles, making any butt play easier and more enjoyable.

When trying anal play, it’s important to discuss it with your sexual partner beforehand. Make sure to get enthusiastic consent before you go anywhere near the anus, as a surprise encounter will be very unpleasant. If you’re trying out an anal massage with an anal escort, request the service when making the booking, and discuss the service with her thoroughly, to ensure that you’re both on the same page.

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