Erotic stories

A One-Time Nurse Short and Sexy Story

Jane had not heard from her friend Mark for a while and that’s very unlike him. She had tried his phone a few times but the call didn’t go through. She decided to pay him a visit on her way to work to be sure all was well. 

Quickly, she set out and drove down to Mark’s house.

“knock knock!” 

“Just a minute” Mark replied with a weak voice sounding quite distant. 

After hearing his voice, Jane did not need anyone to tell her that Mark was sick. Mark was not just one of the most energetic friends Jane has, but he was equally a humorous friend. Finally, after a couple of minutes, Mark opened the door.

“That took more than a minute,” Jane said.

“I’m feeling a bit under the weather,” Mark said.

“I thought as much. Your phone has not been reachable and you don’t sound like yourself.” 

Jane hugged Mark and walked him straight into his bedroom.

“I was worried since I couldn’t speak to you so I decided to check on you before going to the office,” Jane said.

“That’s so kind of you”. Mark replied.

Jane had some discussions with Mark about his condition before she stood up to leave for office.

“I will drop by after work to check if you are okay. By the way, have you had breakfast?” Jane asked.

“Yes, I have, but I don’t mind if I get to eat your…you know, something to make me feel better.”

“What are you on about? You are sick and I’m late for work.” Jane knew exactly what Mark wanted because she had been friends with Mark for a while. They had had sex a few times and Jane really enjoyed those moments but she had to turn him down because Mark knew how to turn her on and she needed to leave for work.

“Well, I was thinking you could get a nurse costume on your way back from work,” Mark said.

It was not the first time Mark was turning real-life situations into sex roleplay ideas. He knew that was one thing Jane wouldn’t turn down because they are both quite adventurous and they love trying anything fun. 

“After all, nothing cures like love. If you don’t mind, let me be your patient later today.” 

“No deal!” Jane said as she rushed out of the house but Mark laughed because he knew exactly what that meant. 

Jane visited Mark after work. Mark could see white lingerie showing in her bag which signalled to him that it was a fun time. 

Mark had a big white cloth on. Jane started the scene straight away.

“I’ll have to take off your cloth sir. You’ve been in bed for hours and it’s time for a sponge bath.” 

Immediately, Mark pretended to be weaker than he was. Jane supported him on his way to the bathroom and he got straight in the bathtub. Jane reached for the soap and Mark’s body was covered in soap. 

She caressed Mark from head to thigh but avoided touching his member. She did that for some minutes and that was really teasing to Mark.

“You might be missing some part, nurse,” Mark said.

“Are you sick? You don’t teach me how to do my job.” Jane replied.

After a few more minutes, Jane got her hand around Mark’s dick and it became hard immediately. 

“Easy, nurse,” Mark said.

“Just a bath,” Jane replied.

The soap around Mark’s hard dick made it so slippery. Jane stroked it so fast that Mark got really turned on. The fast she went with the hand job, the harder Mark’s dick became. 

Mark could not continue the acting. He pulled Jane closer to him, took our breasts out of her lingerie, and started fondling them. He turned Jane over and gave her head. His tongue flipped fast across her clit. Jane moaned but wouldn’t let go of Mark’s dick. She turned around and started sucking Mark’s dick. Just after some minutes, Mark stepped out of the bathtub and lifted Jane. Jane fixed the hard member in her pussy and they had really hot sex until she came. He finished up by pulling out and cumming all over her beautiful breasts.

“It was all a trick. I was never sick” Mark said.

“I didn’t fall for it. I knew how mischievous you are. I wanted this more than anything.” Jane replied.

“Really? Well, guess we’re tired now. Let’s go into the kitchen to…try something different.” Mark said.

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