Gentleman's guide

5 ways to flirt with a lady

1. Perfect the bump-and-flatter skill

Every close encounter with your crush is a chance to make an impression no matter how little. Bump into your crush “accidentally” and say something sweet immediately. You could say “I’m sorry, I get clumsy around cute people”. That would get her attention and make her want to know more about you. If there is another chance of seeing your crush, you may delay the next move till the next time. If not, you want to make the most of the present moment.

2. Compliment her

Don’t lie. Whatever you would say at this stage must be genuine. Quickly look at what you like about her and mention it. “You smell nice”, “your eyes are gorgeous”, etc. would send her a signal that you are more interested in her than every random person around. Careful not to overdo this. Just a compliment is enough. Saying some more or repeating would make the situation weird.

3. Smile

Wear a charming smile around your crush. Humans tend to keep cute smiles in their heads for a long time. Careful not to overdo this as well, you could look unserious to your crush and everyone around. 

4. Initiate a light touch

Ladies get excited when touched by someone they are attracted to. If you have done everything right up to this stage, you must have gotten the attention of your crush, and now is the time to see if a light touch could move things forward. There are a few places to touch, a safe bet being between her shoulder and her elbow. Light touch, don’t grab firmly. Do it naturally while talking to her. If she does not react well, you have made a mistake, but that’s just a part of our everyday life.

5. Ignore your crush for a minute

After making the first impression, if you meet your crush again, ignore her at first to make her wonder what’s wrong. If you run into her and a group of her friends, say hi to her friends and start a conversation with them. Most ladies love attention so turn towards her after a while and make her day.


Perfecting the art of flirting takes time but once it becomes natural, it becomes easy for you to make your crush know you are interested in her. Do you want to meet a beautiful lady who is interested in youWe can make that happen right now.

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