Gentleman's guide

5 sexy gift ideas for holidays

Massage Candle

This is one of the most romantic gifts you could get anyone. Don’t just give a massage candle to your partner, but spend time with them during the holiday. Light some massage candle to set the mood for a few minutes, then pour it on your partner and massage away. It doesn’t burn at a high temp so it won’t hurt your partner. 

Sex Pillow

Sex pillows are needed to spice up sex and get into all those tricky positions. Make sure you get one that is machine-washable so you don’t give your partner more chores than a gift. Sex pillows are not only useful for sex. They are equally good for playtime. 

Get a Talk, Flirt, or Dare Cards

What a foreplay game! The Talk, Flirt, or Dare Cards builds a great connection between partners, helping them learn more about each other in a sexy, romantic environment. Get this for your lover and play it together.

Cock Colouring Books

Who doesn’t like colours? It gets better when you have a book of different coloured cocks and you try recreating just that. It is sexy and stress-relieving and it would stimulate you and your partner. 

Candy Underwear

What’s crazier than wearing underwear that your partner can eat? This does not replace true underwear but there are several bras, G-Strings, and lingerie you can chew. Get one for your partner and take oral sex to the next stage.

These are sexy, naughty gifts to spice up your relationship. What do you think would happen if you give one to an escort? Find out today. 

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