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5 ideas for your sex bucket list

The following are 5 ideas for your sex bucket list:

Try some role-play

Sex becomes boring if done the same way every time. Spice up your sexual encounter by trying some role-play. Make sure the role-play is a fantasy you’ve had for a long time. This could include getting on with your boss, getting treated by a nurse, etc. Add this to your bucket list and get it off as soon as possible. If done the right way, you would enjoy it. Check here for more role-play ideas

Sex in a public place

This is crazy and perhaps a little sleazy but it is worth the try because if you pull it off without getting caught, it would be a memory you would relish for the rest of your life. In fact, for many women, having sex in a public place is a major fantasy (look her for other top female sexual fantasies). Have sex in a place where you stand a slight risk of getting caught. This could be the bathroom at a bar, on a balcony, on a rooftop, at a corner on a deserted street, etc. This needs some planning so you have to add it to your bucket list to have enough time to plan.

Stay out of bed

Have sex anywhere but the bed. Ever imagined having sex in a car or bathroom or the kitchen? If you get on with the right person, it could end up an amazing time. Add it to your bucket list and plan. 

 Try virtual sex

Many partners in long-distance relationships do this but it could be fun doing it while your partner is in the next room in the same house. Technological advancement has enhanced phone sex, making it possible to have real-time hot videos from your partner. Seeing some nudes from your partner could create some wild imaginations. You should try it at least once.

Have a third person 

Ever thought about trying a threesome? Well, you are not the only one in this. Talk to your partner to agree on someone joining in. it is worth the try.

Get creative with your sex bucket list and make sure you add every fantasy you have. After creating your bucket list, you may reach out to some high class escorts to try some of the activities.

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