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5 health benefits of having sex

The following are 5 health benefits of having sex:

1.     Improved Heart Health

Although sex is romantic, a large part of it is also physical. Like any physical exercise, sex burns calories. Also, sex has been found to reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and stroke.

2.     Better Mood

You are likely to have a happier mood after sex than before it. 

This is because neurotransmitters may be released during sex and there are mood enhancers in semen itself. Everything works together to put you in a good emotional state and give you a more positive outlook. This has a way of improving your relationship with people. 

3.     Glowing Skin

Yeah, you heard that right. Sex could make your skin glow and make you look brighter. This is as a result of the combination of a better mood, stress relief, and flush of blood under your skin which is part of the arousal process. 

4.     Better Sleep

During sex, prolactin, a hormone that makes you feel relaxed and sleepy is released. Don’t be surprised if you sleep off after having satisfying sex. Having a good sleep has several health benefits which include a strengthened heart, a boosted immune system, memory enhancement, etc.

5.     Reduced Risk of High Blood Pressure

By raising endorphins, sex relieves stress. Also, other hormones that can boost the mood are released during sex. Since it is an exercise, sex calms you down. Sexual activities can prevent an increase in blood pressure during stressful events.

There are many health advantages to having sex regularly. However, you should not have sex because of its health benefits. Rather, you should have it because it is fun. There is no better sex than one with an escort. Some escorts are willing to show you what pleasure really is. Check out our selection of premium escorts, and discover unimaginable pleasure.

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