Gentleman's guide

5 female erogenous zones

  1. The Ears

Both the outer and inner parts of the human ear are sensitive. You have to be gentle when stimulating the ear because of the sensory receptors. Trace the outside of your partner’s ears then kiss her earlobes. She might enjoy soft blowing as well. Whatever you do, she would give feedback with her body. If she is not enjoying it, try something else. 

2.     The Fingertips

Our fingertips are quite sensitive. They are one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Most people don’t know sucking on the fingertips or softly tickling them could stimulate their partners. Holding hands could also create some feeling of intimacy.

3.     The Nape of the Neck

While most people concentrate on kissing the throat, the nape of the neck is also sensitive. Every part of the neck can be kissed or caressed therefore, you don’t have to stretch for the nape of the neck from a tight angle. If you are in a good position to access it, however, don’t miss the chance. 

4.     The Inner Wrists

The inner wrist is a sensitive pulse point. Start by caressing it and watch her response. If it is positive, you could kiss the same spot and lick it softly. 

5.     Back of the knees

The assumption that there is no erogenous zone around the leg is incorrect. The back of the knee is ticklish and sensitive. Devote some time to massage her legs during foreplay and stimulate the back of her knees with your tongue and fingers.


These erogenous zones are general but most people have preferences. The best way to know how to stimulate your partner is trying everything and taking note of her reaction.  


While stimulating the erogenous zones could increase the possibility of enjoying the sexual encounter, there are many other things needed to make the experience awesome. However, most partners don’t get to the peak of fun. Some London escorts have been trained to show you want true pleasure is. Find them here.

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