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5 Facts About Sex You Don't Know About

You've probably heard about the shocking statistics on human sexuality, how people with lots of sex are always healthier and happier. This article explores five facts about porn-star-like sex you probably didn't know. Additionally, while they might not be earth-shattering, they still make for a much better conversation regarding your sexuality and health.

1. It's Normal to Be a Sex Addict

Some people naturally have a high sexual appetite than others. People who engage in repetitive sex are sometimes falsely considered by psychologists as sex addicts. All of us have urges, desires, and thoughts about sex, but just because you don't act on them doesn't mean those who do are abnormal. Being a sex addict is a hobby more than a disease, and it's possible to change how you think about yourself. London escort services can help you change that self-image by offering a non-judgemental person to talk to about your fears, desires, and sexual hang-ups.

Escorts and call girls are best suited to help you explore your fantasies. People with suppressed sexual desire find it hard to talk about their problems. London escorts do this for a living, so it's easier for them to help you walk the road less travelled. They can help you explore your fantasies in a safe environment and help reassure you that it's nothing out of the ordinary. The bottom line, just because people act on their urges doesn't mean they're sex addicts.

2. Sex Burns More Calories than Walking

Most people burn about six calories per minute of intercourse. However, this may differ depending on the thrust and energy used. Masturbation and kissing aren't as intense for burning calories as penetrative sex is, especially with a hottie. If you're considering an alternative to cardio exercises, consider naughty escorts in London as your fitness trainer's replacement. So, the next time your partner is complaining about you making them sweat in bed, you know what to tell them.

3. It's Okay to Boost Your Libido

Some lads are afraid of enhancing their libido, but there's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes low levels of testosterone can lead to conditions like erectile dysfunction. Hence, some men are predisposed to having low libido from birth. Other times the problem results from poor lifestyle choices such as smoking or excessive drinking, which reduces testosterone levels significantly.

However, there are many healthy to boost your libido, and some are as easy as popping a pill. Again, there are countless natural products designed to increase sexual desire for all genders. Against popular belief, incall escort girls in London are okay with servicing clients who wish to boost their libido. Escorts are not just beautiful women; they're professionals whose job is to ensure you enjoy coitus to the max. With vast experience in sexual satisfaction, call girls are happy to recommend the best products to boost your libido.

4. Good Sex Raises Self-Esteem

Sex doesn't just make you feel good. It's also good for your self-esteem. The idea that good sex makes people feel better about themselves is widely accepted, and there's a lot of research to back it up. First, sex releases endorphins, the feel-good chemicals in the body that make us happy and productive. Additionally, you can relate to the feeling of making a woman moan passionately or squirt all over. I bet you can agree it feels better than winning the lottery, right?

5. Being Active can Prevent Cancer

The American Cancer Society advises senior men to exercise for at least an hour and a half weekly. They should also watch their weight and avoid fatty foods and excessive alcohol to reduce their risk of prostate cancer. Even though cancer can strike anyone at any age, seniors are the biggest threat because they tend to be less sexually active than younger people. Most Europe escorts enjoy the noble duty of helping seniors live healthy through regular intercourse. They say it makes their job meaningful, so there's no shame in engaging escort services the next time you're sex-starved.


There are many fascinating facts about sex that most folks aren't aware know nothing about. London escort girls are the go-to experts to educate yourself about these secrets of human sexuality. Most call girls have first-hand information about what makes sex amazing. Hence, they can answer any questions about enjoying sex, including different variations that make it irresistible at any age.

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