Oct 12, 2020
by Ruby Shanley
4 steps to meeting an escort tonight
Beautiful, classy escorts are all around London. They offer different services and they are available at different times of the day. If you are wondering why you should hire an escort, they serve as great companions and they are sexual playmates. They are trained to give you great pleasure, more than you can get from an untrained lady. There are different escort agencies but most of them have a similar way of booking an escort. If you need to meet an escort right away, these 4 simple steps:
4 steps to meeting an escort tonight

Gentleman's guide

Turnoff for women during sex
Romantic movies make you feel that sex is always pleasurable and orgasmic but that is far from the truth. Most women have, at least once, been in the mood to have hot sex but their partner turned them off unknowingly. Different ladies have different turnoffs but there are some general ones you may need to know to make your partner comfortable in bed. The following are five common turnoffs for ladies during sex:
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5 ways to flirt with a lady
Flirting looks easy but it is not. While your confidence is definitely needed here, it takes more than that. Even the most confident people walk into their crush in the hallways and sometimes miss the chance to make a good first impression. The good thing about flirting, however, is that it is a skill that can be mastered. It could take time but if you practice the following tips, you would get better at every try.
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How to improve male sexual stamina
If you are looking for ways to become better in bed, you are not the only one in this. Sexual encounters can end horribly if the male sexual stamina is not quite impressive. Whereas there are sex positions and techniques to make the sexual encounter memorable, the basic requirement is good sexual health and sexual stamina. You would last longer in bed with good sexual stamina. Also, both partners will enjoy the experience more. The following are 5 tips to improve your sexual stamina:
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How to make strangers like you instantly
We can’t escape meeting new people because it is part of our everyday life. Extroverts may find that interesting but some people get anxious when they have to see new faces and have a conversation with them. Everyone wants to make a good first impression but not everyone knows exactly how to. The following are 5 tips to make a good first impression and make strangers like you instantly.
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Top 5 female sexual fantasies
The assumption that only men have sexual fantasies is wrong. Women also paint crazy pictures in their heads and hope to get it done at least once in their lifetime. Having fantasies does a lot, which includes increasing arousal and causing physical changes to the body. You might be interested in some of the common sexual fantasies women have. Find five of them below.
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5 female erogenous zones
No two sexual encounters are the same. Every little thing has a way of adding to the fun or otherwise. Appearing nice, the body type, the existing connection, etc, can be the difference. Another big factor is the attention paid to the erogenous zones and the level of expertise displayed at stimulating them. Of course, the most obvious erogenous zones are the ones involved in intercourse which includes the G-spot, clitoris, nipples, vaginal opening, etc. However, you don’t get to stimulate them immediately you meet your partners. You have to start from some other parts of the body. The following are five female erogenous zones you can stimulate to make a sexual encounter better.
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5 ideas for your sex bucket list
People create a bucket list for everything they find interesting. This could include places to visit, events to attend, movies to see, experiences they want to try, and more. What is amazing about a bucket list is the eagerness it creates. Most people, however, have never considered creating a sex bucket list. This could be an amazing idea because sex is fun, and anticipating it is more interesting. Your sex bucket list should not be the everyday type of sexual encounter. It should be ideas that are fun and really filled with pleasure. The best set of people to get an item off your sex bucket list are escorts because they are experts and they are trained to do some of the weirdest things.
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5 sexy gift ideas for holidays
Holidays are not just a time to rest, but also a time to share some love. While there are different ways of sharing love including spending quality time with your loved ones, writing them letters, giving them surprise calls, etc., one of the best ways is getting your loved ones some gifts. There are several gift ideas for different purposes but it could be difficult to make a decision on naughty and sexy gifts for your partner because you don’t only want them to feel special, you want to strengthen your bond. You can get your partner things they love as gifts but never forget to add a few sexy gifts just for the fun of it. The following are 5 sexy gifts ideas for holidays:
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